In the ancient Hindu civilization sages (Rishi-Muni) creates the scriptures as per the directions of Lord shri Narayana. Those scriptures are called Veda's. In Veda's the rules and teachings are mentioned to obey the religion for the welfare of human being. These rules and Teachings are called 'Vedic Shiksha' (Vedic Education).

After completing the higher education in Vedic astrology, sanskrit literature, philosophy and studying the Vedic scriptures swami ji started working for welfare of human being through spreading awareness about Vedic culture.

Sanskrit Chhatravas and Shri Jayanti Prasad Vedic Vidhyashram are two Vedic institutions established by swami ji for the students who want to study about Vedic culture. The education is free for everyone, anyone can join us here.

Annakshetra (A food Distribution program for students), Old Widow Pension Scheme (A project to help the old widow females residing in vrindavn in the end of their journey ), Kaamdhenu Cow Serving Project (A serving program for the cows of which are left by their owners to be dead), Shrimad Bhagwat Katha and Ram katha (Preaching events by Swami ji for the awareness), Astrology counseling (Consult the difficulties of your life with swami ji) etc. are the various projects by swami ji.

You can explore more about our Activities and Projects on our website.

(Director of The trust)
Swami ji belongs to a spiritual background, this leads him to start a mission for the elevation for vedic culture, Swami ji's object is to guide and help people on their paths of lives and spread awareness for vedic culture.
In Ancient Hindu era ashram was a place where teachers and disciples lived there in peace and calm amidst nature following the 'Guru Shishya Parampara (Tradition)'.

In our ashram the Vedic students' lives and hush their thirst of knowledge by studying under the guidance of swami ji.

Ashram is situated in the south-east corner of vrindavan in peaceful and green environment, away from noise and pollution of city. Ashram is the center of all spiritual and social activities those are organized by swami ji.

Sanskrit Chhatravas and Shri Jayanti Prasad Vedic Vidhyashram both vedic Institutions are situated in the premises of ashram. Shri Radha-krishna mandir and Shiva temple are also the part of ashram

Ashram is situated in Godhuli Puram colony at the South-east corner of the Vrindavan. Place of the ashram is away from the noisy enviornment of city. It is situated in the peaceful environment of Yamuna river's basin.
Shri Banbari dham
Sanskrit Chhatravas
24-B, Godhuli Puram Township, Vrindavan 281121
Distt.- Mathura, State- U.P., India